Characteristics and process of mechanical zinc plating process


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Shanghai Kaifa Hardware Products Co. Ltd. has the world's leading nano anticorrosive technology - mechanical plating, is a professional mechanical galvanized the whole East China the only one using foreign technology and imported medicine (Mechanical Galvanized) processing and independent research and development of mechanical plating equipment production enterprise, can meet the technical standards of the products of various industries around the world, such as: ASTM B695, ASTM B117, ASTM A235M, Ford S437M, GM 3044, Australia AS3566. The process is suitable for outdoor, marine climate and other harsh environments, such as: construction, automotive, railway, highway, ship etc.; the process has no hydrogen embrittlement, no softening phenomenon, environmental protection technology, has the advantages of corrosion strong corrosion, salt fog time is 1000 hours or more.